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Meet Entrepreneur/Designer Marsha A Gonzalez

Marsha A Gonzalez is a Nutritionist & Fashion Designer specializing in bridal and evening gowns for high-end events and special occasions. She is also known as a Christian designer for movies, films, performances, and photoshoots. 

Marsha is a very influential, creative individual with a super-born natural talent. She was crowned 1st place winner of the year by the E Fashion  Worldwide Competition and chosen by over 100 designers worldwide to showcase to celebrity stylists and boutique owners in New York Fashion Week. Marsha was also an award winner at the Christian Film Festival for best costumes & props for "The Book of Revelation" movie.

Her original work appeared on some of the most popular top Models from Australia, Paris,

the Philippines, and the red carpets, television, and runway shows.

Her uniqueness has set her apart from other designers, and

it led her to be the first brown skin woman with afro Models to

be featured on the front cover of a publication

called Brides On A Mission.
Marsha A Gonzalez continues to expand her business around

professionals in the fashion industry with God leading. Her advice to upcoming designers is always to put the Lord first, and if He has blessed you with talent, don't be lazy with it! Pray and ask God to give you the strength to put them to action, and never give up; keep on pushing forward to the finish line, and God will make sure that nothing stands in your way.

About The Designer

I Am Queen Marsha_CEO.png

JOHN 3:16

Mazuriel Bridal 2

About Mazuriel Collection

Our Story Our Brand

Mazuriel   (Ma- Zuriel)   

The name (Zuriel) means The Lord Is My Rock & Strength and is of Hebrew origin. 
In the Bible (Numbers 3:35), Zuriel was a Levite and chief of the Merari clans during the Exodus.

(Ma) was derived from the designers first name Marsha

Mazuriel specializes in luxurious couture bridal and evening gowns for the sophisticated and elegant woman. Our primary focus is quality craftmanship! And our expertise is high-end glamour couture gowns. We are also dedicated to serving our clients with the most phenomenal consultation and shopping experience. 

Every Mazuriel gowns are custom-made with authentic, high-end, luxury fabrics. Our styles are unique and also designed to give women a comfortable fit. We also offer a selection of luxurious custom-made accessories to pair up with your garment.

Shop the Mazuriel Collection as seen on New York Fashion Week, or request a custom design gown of your choice.

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