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SHÀMODE [Shah-Mah-Ahd] French Pronunciation


Shàmode is a clothing label that specializes in Luxurious Simplicity Fashion for high-end events & special occasion; from after bridal gowns, evening gowns, prom dresses etc. Sha'Mode creates & designs the perfect gowns. 


Every garment is designed with 100% Authentic Luxurious fabrics like Charmeuse, Silk Satin, Chiffon, Lamour Satin, Faux Silk Taffeta and many more. Our styles are unique and also designed to give women a comfortable fit. We also offer a selection of custom made handbag clutch to pair up with your garment.



The name Shàmode has 2 meanings, Sha is derived from Marsha which is the designers first name, the word Shà actually means a creative inventive individual who enjoys working with their hands. Mode is a French word derived from the word a la mode, meaning FASHION! when you combine the 2 words together ShMode, it carries a strong meaning Creative In Fashion!


My Brand Represents Elegance, Modest & Sophistication


Make An Appointment For Your Next Formal Event Or Special Occasion & I Will Most Definitely Dress You In The Perfect Gown For Your Special Day.


God has blessed me with a gift & talent to present to the world, he has given me the ability to create and design women fashion!

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