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Mazuriel Bridal offers three different private one on one consultations for all of our clients. Our private meeting includes: 


  • Sitting down with the client to discuss their ideas in full details

  • Preparing illustration base on clients description

  • Recording clients full body measurements

  • Provide color swatches to suit clients needs

  • Conducting fittings and adjustments to ensure the perfect fit


The first Consultation is where we sit down one on one with our client to discuss their ideas.


  1. What kind of custom-made designs is the client looking for, what creativity, photo image, inspiration? They would like to add on their custom gown.

  2. We then begin to draw our clients illustration base on the ideas they anticipated

  3. If the client chooses to continue with the concepts, a deposit will be required before we continue with the Second Consultation.


Second Consultation: Now, this is where we agree! 

  (It is imperatively vital that you, the client bring your heels for proper height measurements.)


  1. All clients must sign a form. This form states that the client paid their deposit and would like to proceed with the consultation.                                                                                                            

  2. We will immediately take clients full body measurements

  3. Go over color swatches and fabric materials.


Third & Final consultation: This is the client's favorite, where they can finally see their gowns.


  1. Clients try on their gowns to see if there are any alterations, adjustments before it's ok for the client to take their dresses.



There will be a $100 fee for your consultation, which will go toward the cost of your gown. This payment must be deposit before the day of your appointment via Zelle, Paypal, or CashApp. If you need an assistant, please email us at Or so we can better serve you.


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