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Marsha A Gonzalez is the CEO/Founder and Designer of Shàmode LLC. She started her journey at the age of 8 designing clothing for her dolls, and by the age of 13, she designed her first garments. (Never did she thought people would compliment her work)


As the years went by she decided to do T-shirt Printing Designs, and with the creativity, people saw in her, Marsha received job offers to design t-shirts for clothing manufactures, church, wholesale companies, real estate agencies, local artist just to name a few. Things went well but Marsha had bigger dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer, and she knew with the gift and talent that God has blessed her with she could accomplish more.


In 2008 Marsha opened her own t-shirt boutique in North Miami FL, unfortunately, business did not turn out the way she planned, so she closed down her shop and gave the fashion world a break. After years of break, Marsha thank God for allowing her to get back into the fashion industry and she is now fulfilling her dreams as a businesswoman, owner, and designer of her company.


Marsha Quotes: She thanks God for all he has done fore without him it would be impossible to accomplish her goals. Trails and tribulations she faced but she knew that God was still there ordering and guiding her steps.




Interviewer: What advice would you tell an upcoming designer?


Designer: Put God first at all times, because this is the only way you will accomplish your goals, and most importantly believe and have faith that he will walk you through your journey, never give up keep pushing even if things may seem if though they are falling apart, and never listen to NEGATIVE PEOPLE!  who says they don't believe that you'll make it; trust me I had to learn the hard way when it came to those I once thought was trying to help.


Interviewer: What have you learned being in the fashion industry?


Designer: As a self-taught designer I've learned a lot! but one thing that stuck out to me the most is that people will use you to bring themselves above you, but at the end of the day God see's it all and uplift you higher.


Interviewer: What does the future hold for Shàmode Fashion Label?


Designer: A lot of great things are now happening with my brand, and I also understand that everything must be done in order by taking one step at a time. I can say that I'm in the process of building a firm and strong support team that will be working and manufacturing every sample pieces that I create, and also Shàmode Designs will be available to purchase in your local clothing stores. 



My Message To All 

Include The Lord God In Everything You Do And You Will Prosper In Life.







Marsha Atis Gonzalez




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